General Eye Conditions

Chalazion and Stye

A chalazion is a cyst on the eyelid caused by a build up of secretions in the glands. A cyst is a round and usually painless swelling on the eyelid. Most often these will only shrink over many months and it is best to go forward to a small surgical procedure to drain the cyst. This can be performed under local anaesthetic and takes a few minutes.
A stye is a painful swelling of the eyelids caused by infection of the glands of the lid. It is usually treated by antibiotic ointment and hot spoon bathing.


The eyelids contain numerous glands some of which provide a fatty layer on the surface of the tear film. These glands can become inflamed of infected. In addition to lid hygiene sometimes antibiotic tablets are helpful to improve the lids and the skin condition.

Lid Hygiene

In order to help the glands of the eyelids secrete and therefore avoid blepharitis or the formation of styes or chalazia, massage of the eyelids is useful.
Use a cotton bud on the outside of the eyelids and massage uowards for the lower lids and downwards for the upper lids.

In addition flaky deposits on the edge of the eyelids can be removed by the use of dilute baby shampoo on the cotton bud.

Use antidandruff shampoo when washing your hair as this may also help.

Other Treatments

Flaxseed oil supplements
Lipiflow therapy
Meiboflow therapy
Systemic antibiotic therapy


This is inflammation of the eye leading to a red eye with watering, stickiness or discharge. This can usually be treated with drops once an ophthalmologist has determined the type of conjunctivitis. If you have an infection of the conjunctiva please avoid sharing towels with other individuals and wash your hand to try to prevent the spread of infection.

Dry Eye

As we age the tears may become less effective and artificial tears may need to be used to keep the eye moist. Dry eyes cause irritation and rare severe forms can damage the surface of the eye.


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